Thursday, December 5, 2013

2 Embedded Lists within a List of 7 Reasons Writers should Write Lists

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2 Embedded Lists within a List 
of 7 Reasons Writers should Write Lists

1. By typing or writing down the#1, you've officially
gotten the ball rolling.

2. Really, there's no sense in putting down a #1
without following it up with a number #2.
So this list thing is keeping the ball rolling.
Momentum? Yes!

3. According to this obscure law called The Law of Inertia
(Newton's 1st Law of Motion), once the ball is rolling,
it's going to keep on on rolling, gathering no moss. Unless, of course,
One should encounter an unbalanced force in the way,
 like a toddler or big fat writer's block.

4. The kinds of lists you can make are limitless! 
Chronological, numerical, alphabetical, haphazard...

5. If it's a task-oriented list, putting that little 
next to a task is soooooo satisfying.

6. The template is so easy!
The Adjective + The Number + Random Subject
(adjective and numerical value can be switched up a bit)
The Happiest 14 Animal Actors in Hollywood
The 20 Most Scandalous Ugly Sweaters on the Runway
6 Reasons Reading a Quick List Trumps Reading a Poem

7. Ray Bradbury had a very unique way of using lists to spike his creativity.
While impressive, his technique about writing lists has no place
in a list such as this, so just wait at the edge of your chair for a forthcoming
blog of enlightenment, brought to you via me and and 
of course, Ray Bradbury. 

Write 2 lists and text me in the morning,
~Dr. K