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Indian author to write a trilogy in short story collections. 'Hope, Vengeance and History' trilogy is an interconnected neuron of short stories. The first book in this trilogy is "Wall of Colours and Other Stories". A writer and translator, his blog, 'The Indian Commentator' is one of India's leading blogs. He works as a Lecturer in English, and taught at many colleges in Kannur area, Kerala. In his own words teaching is his day job, and writing his dream job. He has won several awards for his stories, many of which are published in online journals and blogs. He has a masters in English Literature. He loves music, art, a little bit of sports, books and above all, the incessant push to transform the oral into the written. 'Wall of Colours and Other Stories' is the first book in his 'Hope, Vengeance and History Trilogy'. He is currently in the work of the second book in the 'Hope, Vengeance and History' trilogy. 

Fore more on Anu Lal, visit: http://anulal.weebly.com/
You can buy his book 'Wall of Colours and Other Stories' on Amazon, click HERE .
Visit his blog 'The Indian Commentator" here: http://anu-lal.blogspot.in/

DSCF4137.JPGIngrid Hall (Books Reviews and Interviews) lives near Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England, close to the Scottish Borders.  She is the author of Granny Irene's Guide to the Afterlife - Revenge - Part 1 and blogs primarily at www.ingridhall.com  She is currently working on her novella "The Tunnel of Love" which offers a unique and compelling insight into a near death experience.  She has several other novels at various different stages of development in the pipeline and expects the next few years to be very busy!

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