Thursday, November 7, 2013

Prelude: Meet Quozimodo

Your Assistant EiC, Quozimodo
photo: Alonzo Riley
'Quoz' is that which is strangely incongruous, dimensions away from any bell curve, and full of complexity. I am the Gizzard of the Land of Quoz. I devour, digest, and defecate all things quozy. I see visions and hear sounds. Sometimes it freaks me out and I attempt to root myself in THE HARD SCIENCES. I am (sometimes) the master of routine and discipline. That is my role, to keep the (always) mad doctor (Dr. KiKi) in line.

The gravities of micro and macrobiology, color, mental illness, language, haiku, belly button lore, plant collecting, skepticism, justice, and glitter all tug at me.

We seek after these things.


  1. Are you an extraterrestrial? I'm not prejudiced, so you can tell the truth!

  2. Oh, you are so cunning, Anonymous! How could you tell? Is it my accent?

  3. Very interesting blog :) Very different, I am Now Prescribed To laugh.


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