Monday, August 26, 2013

Where Themes Come from

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Practicing the craft of writing every day is as important as reading books to engage the imaginative and artistic faculty on a daily basis. Daily writing tones and prunes the skills of a writer to perfection. The internet has no shortage in the number of ‘How-to’ pages. They will tell you how to write a story, a book, a love letter, or even a computer code. Perhaps, there is a ‘How-to’ page on how to find themes for your stories, or articles, or poems as well. I am not concerned about those sites, here. However, what I do feel concerned about is a website that might tell you where to find your themes.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bin to Bestsellers: the Importance of Other People in your Writing Life

Making money writing is the hardest job on planet earth, however, there are people who do it effectively and make a living out of it. Being not one of them is not your problem, but aspiring not to be one is.

Is finding a publisher the best option for you as a writer? Richard Bach once mentioned in an interview; it’s not a publisher a writer searches for, but an editor. This relationship is one that should last for a lifetime. An editor understands where the music of words has to be slowed down or where it must run faster. But to get one worthy enough, you must do a lifetime’s waiting.

As a beginner in freelancing and in professional writing, how do you get an editor whose service can be worthwhile? Beginners are always stuck with the same problem; lack of funds. This in turn hampers your look out for an editor. Good editors are sale items with relatively high price money. There are many writers’ communities that offer editing services. Even some literary agencies offer you with editing services. However, if you are a first timer and one without enough weight in your bank account, hiring an editor for your book or manuscript will not be, normally, easy.

The best way to tackle this situation is to find reliable and easy options for editors. One need not go much farther for this end. Just look around and you will find yourself to be blessed with many minds, gifted with the one serum of eternal life—love—around you, ready to help reading your manuscript.

Showing your manuscript to your friends and family or girl friend would be a better option. In such a case, the money spent would be much close to null on editing services. The best editors are those who actually care for our work. You must be open to their criticisms; however, in harsh criticisms you can always rely on their lack of professional experience as the hideout from humiliation.

Stephen King, when he wrote his first novel, Carrie, did not think it would make up to the publishing standards and threw it into the bin. But his wife Tabitha King accidentally discovered the manuscript and read it. Thinking that it would be something worth of a quality, she put it back on the table and later helped King to rework on it. The novel went to become a best seller of its times and was made into a successful Hollywood movie.

This is one real life example from the life of America’s most celebrated and enthusiastic writer, Stephen King. This could be yours too. A relationship not just helps an individual to maintain one’s emotional health but the creative output as well. Now wait your sweet heart to tell you where to put the period.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Weather-talk

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Meet your neighbor in the bus stop, or a relative, an old colleague, or acquaintance at a party, the most convenient and approachable topic of our conversation—the no-fire zone of our lives—is weather talk.

“What a weather! Hadn’t felt anything like this in years!” It could also be ‘rain-talk’, or even ‘snow-talk’, and vary in accordance with the environmental peculiarities of the place one inhabits. Here, in Cannanore, Kerala, the Southern side of India, it is mostly ‘rain’. Sometimes, ‘heat’ becomes a topic too.

What does this have to do with a writer?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A review of Fat Chance (The Kingsley Series) By Brandi Kennedy

brandi kennedy imageBrandi Kennedy is a contemporary romance novelist.  She has written several books including To Love a Selkie.

I will admit to being a little unsure as to whether I was going to like this book prior to starting reading it because contemporary romance is one of those genres that sometimes gets terribly cliched.  I was therefore pleasantly surprised upon reading the opening paragraph to find a female character that I could instantly identify with and relate to.  Indeed, I am certain that most women can relate to the "feeling too fat for the swimsuit scenario"  I yo yo with my weight but have now reached a point in my life where I have more or less accepted that I am what I am however can remember a time in the not too distant past when trying on clothes in the department store would have been a nightmare for me.  I love the concept of the "fat shop" or "chubby central" with the "cool, non fat name" and I am sure that most high streets have one!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Take your Pen, Pull the Trigger

What is the ‘trigger’ in storytelling?

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Trigger in a short story is the point at which the individual reader’s emotional levels start fluctuating corresponding to a specific action in a story or according to the changes in the lives of characters.

This is “meeting the reader’s mind”.

In a short story, this moment is very important due to the limitations of its size. Unlike a novel, the writer should be especially careful in order to bring the reader’s mind to care for the main character’s agony, joy, or temper within a limited period of time and limited number of words.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Review of My Highland Lord by Tarah Scott

Born in New Mexico Tarah Scott is the author of numerous novels spanning several different genres including historical romance, horror and mainstream fiction. She currently lives in New York.
My list of books to review is incredibly long and initially I placed this title in Amanda's list to review, however there was something about it that kept calling out to me so last week I pinched it from Amanda's list and popped it into my own and I am SO glad that I did!!! Set in nineteenth century Britain this book is an absolute must for lovers of historical romance because it ticks every possible box.  There is mystery, there is intrigue, there are plots and twists and turns a plenty and best of all there is a feisty, take no crap heroine and a drop dead gorgeous, fearless hero.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

UPDATE: Name Change + Magazine

Hey Bookit! Blog readers!
   Those of you who are following our Facebook, you probably know that we've recently been going through a lot of changes - not the least of which being the name of our store. Bates Books is now Chapter One or CH1 for short. In addition to this change there's been some major movement in Chapter One's efforts to print a magazine.

As many of you may remember from our previous post - when Chapter One owners, Sean and Erika, announced that they were starting up with a bi-weekly magazine - this project was initially intended to hit the press in early July. However, with a lot of thought and planning, Book-it!'s magazine debut has been pushed back to the 1st of September, and, instead of being bi-weekly, is transitioning into a monthly tabloid-style publication.

For it's pilot publication, it's going to stick close to home, mostly distributing to Utah County. But, if all goes well, they'll rapidly expand throughout the state and even into Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada with plans to go national. But don't be alarmed! If you don't live in Utah and are interested in getting a hold of a copy, you can always purchase a subscription (or single copy if you like) online here or (if you're really interested in supporting their cause) you can donate in exchange for goodies at their Indie Go-Go project funder.

Cover art for the first issue is done by the wonderful Jess Smart Smiley. And the content - though still secretive at this point - includes a number of authors and comic artists that range anywhere from the magazine's home state of Utah, to international talent.

"For those of you who know a little bit and have been hearing rumors, we will be selecting the top two blog entries from the month of July to  receive rewards for just being awesome! This is based on viewing statistics (which thanks to Google Analytics we have) and also on a vote between myself, our developer Sean, and our head blogger Jamey based on skill, interest, and frequency. The top blogger for July will receive a $50 reward, as well as the runner up getting $25 rewards. Now, mind you, due to our slim number of bloggers, one blogger may end up with more than one reward... for me, this is a sign that we just need to get more bloggers on board! So, if you're looking to blog on writing, creativity, or you have some awesome reviews to write, this is the place to do it."

-Erika B
CEO Chapter One

In addition to this competitive blogging, the magazine is anticipated to have a creature creation competition to see which artist can create the best creature or character. Further details will be provided in the first publication of the magazine.

At the moment, we have a goal to be published by the beginning of September, but are hoping to get it to the presses as soon as mid August. For further updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook, as well as on our Indie Go-Go account where we are seeking sponsors and subscriptions!