Saturday, August 3, 2013

UPDATE: Name Change + Magazine

Hey Bookit! Blog readers!
   Those of you who are following our Facebook, you probably know that we've recently been going through a lot of changes - not the least of which being the name of our store. Bates Books is now Chapter One or CH1 for short. In addition to this change there's been some major movement in Chapter One's efforts to print a magazine.

As many of you may remember from our previous post - when Chapter One owners, Sean and Erika, announced that they were starting up with a bi-weekly magazine - this project was initially intended to hit the press in early July. However, with a lot of thought and planning, Book-it!'s magazine debut has been pushed back to the 1st of September, and, instead of being bi-weekly, is transitioning into a monthly tabloid-style publication.

For it's pilot publication, it's going to stick close to home, mostly distributing to Utah County. But, if all goes well, they'll rapidly expand throughout the state and even into Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada with plans to go national. But don't be alarmed! If you don't live in Utah and are interested in getting a hold of a copy, you can always purchase a subscription (or single copy if you like) online here or (if you're really interested in supporting their cause) you can donate in exchange for goodies at their Indie Go-Go project funder.

Cover art for the first issue is done by the wonderful Jess Smart Smiley. And the content - though still secretive at this point - includes a number of authors and comic artists that range anywhere from the magazine's home state of Utah, to international talent.

"For those of you who know a little bit and have been hearing rumors, we will be selecting the top two blog entries from the month of July to  receive rewards for just being awesome! This is based on viewing statistics (which thanks to Google Analytics we have) and also on a vote between myself, our developer Sean, and our head blogger Jamey based on skill, interest, and frequency. The top blogger for July will receive a $50 reward, as well as the runner up getting $25 rewards. Now, mind you, due to our slim number of bloggers, one blogger may end up with more than one reward... for me, this is a sign that we just need to get more bloggers on board! So, if you're looking to blog on writing, creativity, or you have some awesome reviews to write, this is the place to do it."

-Erika B
CEO Chapter One

In addition to this competitive blogging, the magazine is anticipated to have a creature creation competition to see which artist can create the best creature or character. Further details will be provided in the first publication of the magazine.

At the moment, we have a goal to be published by the beginning of September, but are hoping to get it to the presses as soon as mid August. For further updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook, as well as on our Indie Go-Go account where we are seeking sponsors and subscriptions!

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