Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Book-it: A Bi-Weekly Magazine

If you know anything about books, you probably know that they have something to do with publishing. For decades, authors got their big break with magazines. I could probably list the number of authors that first published their books as a series of episodes in magazines, but then this article would be so long that you might just lose interest in this paragraph and then we'd never get to the good news.
 On this note, Bates Books has an announcement to make: in addition to the Book-it! blog, we are starting up a bi-weekly magazine.

 For those of you that don't know, Sean and Erika Bates have a crazily fantastic dream of starting a book store that harbors all sorts of creativity. Their motto, "Where creativity has a home", is a testament to that. They want to make it just a little bit more. Well, no, that's an understatement, they want to make it a whole lot more. This is the first step in the overall effort of Bates Books: move forward into a publishing company. Their exact words are, "Well, it's gotta start somewhere."

What they are looking for and how you will be compensated if selected is:

4 Featured Novels (to be published one chapter at a time) - $15 per chapter
6 Short Stories (varied genres) - $50 per story

3 Comic Artists (willing to do a few pages or strips a month) - $50 per publication
4 Tech Journalists  - $50 per article

And, of course, Advertisers

As for the fees? $10 per application of short stories, novels, and comics. Meaning if you submit one short story or comic strip/page: $10. If you submit 5 short stories or comic strips/pages: $10. However, if you are submitting a novel, please keep it to one novel per submission. If you are interested in more information or putting in an application, please contact Erika personally at
She will get back to you when we announce whose pieces got accepted.

Tech Journalists
Please send your applications to Sean at
He will be reviewing them and will get back to you within the month.

We will be voting for and featuring the 3 top blog posts off our Book- it! blog. The top bloggers will be awarded $50 for each of their blog posts that make it into the magazine. Which, of course, means are looking for more bloggers! Blogging for Book-it! is an unpaid internship for the first 5 months after which salary is negotiated. Please send applications to the head of our blog department, Jamey Meteer  
She will be getting back to you within the month.

If you are a small business in Utah or Idaho looking to expand your client base, show off some of your wares, or are get the news of a sale out there, please contact Sean for more information about advertising with Book-it!

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