Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Awakening the return of wisdom by the Awakening Poets: A review

The awakening poets, aka Sheena Zenz, Nicole North and Darren Garmer,  describe themselves as "an artists collective dedicated to sharing metamorphosical language codes with a growing, awakening audience"

When we were first asked to review awakening the return of wisdom, I admit I was a little unsure as to what I was going to discover, however as soon as I started reading I realised that the collection does indeed have an otherworldly feel about it, and to me it seems as if it has been streamed from a higher spiritual plane.

This stunning collection of over seventy poems is both enchanting and lyrical, and stimulates the senses in such a way as to leave the reader full, yet craving more. I can honestly say that I have never had the pleasure of reading a collection of poetry of this calibre, and constantly felt as if the poets were guiding me on my very own magical mystery tour into the unknown.  The language used is at times unusual, however it is completely accessible and I never felt out of my depth, or left behind. The artwork in the collection is also exceptional,  and whilst I have purchased the collection on kindle I think it would be better appreciated in book format as the collection totally lends itself to being read by candle light.   I also think that if at all possible the poets should consider having this made into an audio book as it would be a wonderful collection to meditate to.

My only real concern initially with this was the price;  the kindle version in particular seemed very steep, however now that I have read it  I don't begrudge a single penny.   If you only ever purchase one collection of poetry in your life, then make sure it is this one!

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