Monday, May 20, 2013

Best Route to Success?

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Lee Child, the bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series, once, in an interview remarked that the best advice for a beginning writer is not to listen to any advice at all. This seems to be the best advice any writer has given anywhere in the world, about writing to a beginner.

Beginning is always a confusing stage, where the person is not at all sure which way to turn at the fork on the road. Writing classes, interviews, biographies, memoirs, and newspaper advice gurus become the best way and the beginner is often lost in chasing one of them for the best advice.

If you listen to John Irving, for example, you will begin your novel writing the end of the story first. If your faith leads you to Jeffery Deaver, you will spend the rest of your life plotting and planning. Stephen King will tell you never plan, just follow your story, which is an advice much like what the great master Sidney Sheldon might give you as well.

The difference between writing advice and the materialization of a manuscript is a term called ‘Self’. Every snowflake is unique in its own way, says science. Every drop of honey is sweet with its own sweetness. Philosophy calls this uniqueness ‘qualia’. Similarly, every individual is unique too. This uniqueness has a name—Subjectivity. Creative energy takes its own course in through every individual. It is different with each individual.

The varying opinions of each of the above-mentioned masters of the craft prove the same. You have a way of yours’ own with words; this is the truth, the only, undeniable, unalterable, unquestionable truth.

Successful creation of a story of any length depends on the trust a writer develops on one’s own way with words. Plot your story or do not plot your story, you are still the best and no one can change that.

The only thing that matters is the finished manuscript of your book, short story, or poem and the courage to send it to a publisher or post it on your own blog, for the public to read.              

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